This website is maintained by me, Vikas N. Kumar. I am a programmer who used to work in the field of high performance computing, and has a couple of degrees in Aerospace Engineering.

Low level programming, such as x86-64 assembly, is one of my hobbies and this site is a space where I just catalogue some of my hobby work. I once did iPhone software development, but now focus on re-using old hardware and making it work so that we don’t create too much e-waste. We should try to re-use perfectly good hardware that has been forcefully end of lifed by capitalist companies unnecessarily.

I hate Java and love C, Assembly, C++-98 and Perl. I am and have been a big fan of the free/open source software movement and am a member of the Free Software Foundation. I have been using and programming on GNU/Linux for over 20 years.

You can visit my Github Pages for some older project documentation. Follow me on Twitter if you like.

I also have some project cars that I work on to get away from the computer, so that I can go auto-crossing a few times a year.

This site has been re-generated using Jekyll and the retro ncurses-like theme has been made by me in 2010 and updated to working with Jekyll in 2020.

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